Walker Open Field

My art group recently hosted the Drawing Club, which meets on Thursdays at the Walker Art Center’s Open Field. Michon Weeks, one of our members, landed this gig and presented the idea: drawing with tape on the exterior of the museum and parking ramp. Here’s what we made…

“My” corner turned into a patio with plants, weeds, and a clothesline. Elaine Rutherford, Monica Reede, and my very helpful child are pictured.


X’s by Mary Bergs

My daughter’s plant.

Hot Dog by Michon Weeks.

Many talented people (mostly children) joined in.


Mall Map #9 – “Equal Distribution”

From what I understand of Brandon’s mall map, his plan would be to arrange stores in one long strip on a single floor, beginning with Bath and Body. I guess it would make it harder to miss a store, but you might want to have your shopping list in order – it’s a long walk to the other end if you forget something. I am not sure what it is that is being evenly distributed in his plan.

Bethel University

Here’s a partial view of my exhibit at the Johnson Gallery at Bethel University. The show runs until December 18.

28 Years Ago

My First Concert
Top: Ticket Stub, J. Geils Band, Providence Civic Center
Bottom: Diary Entry, January 1, 1983 (age 10)

Modern Display, Salt Lake City

…or is it a postmodern display? Note the green grass circle that has grown up where the base of the fallen figure  – Ozymandias? – once stood.

These Go To Eleven


I really hate to tell you this, but I took this picture in a hospital room.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

I bought a large roll of bubble wrap on line to have on hand to protect current and future artworks. I did not consider its size very carefully when placing my order. It arrived by special truck today and it will not fit in the house. Darin is the photo so you can get a sense of the scale. I will unwrap it and make two rolls.

Flash Card #3

Flash Card #2

Q. What shapes come out at night?
A. Pentagon

Flash Card #1

My daughter received some unusual flash cards for Christmas.

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