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Affordable Coffins

Two interesting new businesses have opened in my neighborhood. The first one is called “I Dream of Heels” and it sells – you guessed it – shoes with dizzyingly high heels. The interior is very sparse with one wall of shoes and a single rack of silky-looking clothes. It looks like the sort of boutique one might encounter in South Beach, except it is in a somewhat hodgepodge old building with an apartment over it. If you polled most women around here on St. Paul’s west side if they do dream of shoes they’re probably sensible shoes for walking their dogs. Recently the other storefront next door opened up with this coffin business. I wonder how the heel people feel about it. I am tempted to get a coffin for my living room, just as a reminder.


That’s Entertainment

This can be seen from 494 eastbound over the Wakota Bridge.¬†Gretchen Wilson’s face looks like a ghostly creepy skull. Perhaps a result of the cage fight?


Rex Music


Wig store, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Concord Squares

Now and Then #1

October 30, 2009


February 9, 2009

Local Pumpkins


There are two “suburban farmers” in our neighborhood, both within walking distance of our home: one on Butler Avenue (above) and another on Charlton Street (below.) The one on Charlton Street also sells tomatoes and other vegetables throughout the summer. Could West St. Paul be on the leading edge of a Twenty-First Century food plan? One in which every other block has a little patch of garden with organic vegetables? Could we have fresh free range eggs, too? There is a section of Harmon Park (by the old Wolters greenhouses) slated for “future development.” Perhaps this would make a good place for another farm.


Not all the pumpkins were grown on the property.


The Charlton Street field.

Fitness Trail Marker, Santa Fe

Fitness Trail Marker, Santa Fe

In the 1980’s there was a fad among parks and recreation departments to add “fitness trails” to walking paths. These trails had signs describing an exercise you were supposed to perform while taking your walk. Most also had little props like a chin-up bar or some kind of step or bench. I remember our girl scout troop made an outing to try the newly installed fitness trail in my hometown. It is rare to find these trails anymore but I have seen a number of instances where a lone sign was saved from demolition because of its relatively hidden location.

Mall, Santa Fe

Mall, Santa Fe

Picture Window #1

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