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Newport, MN Library

One day in early January we had to do an errand in Newport, a small town just to our south. There are lots of trucks and trains there, and it’s also close to the ominous Rosemount refinery. After getting my fill of industrial scenery, we drove by this little church and happened to see the neon sign said “OPEN” so we stopped in.


This is the Newport Library and Community Center. Here is the inside. There are cozy chairs under the steps.


Our daughter liked the selection of board games, many of which are educational. We played “The Allowance Game.”


We also enjoyed this “Hangman” game. Seeing as the “prisoner” is already very dead I don’t see the urgency in solving the puzzle. Also, this says “Travel Game” but doesn’t this take up more room than just the pencil and paper that this game is normally played with? Just imagine setting this up on your airline tray table!


You can read “The Annals of America” here.


I was delighted to discover a new place so close to home that feels so far away.




South St. Paul Whale

There’s a blue whale on streets of South St. Paul. You are most likely to see it at South City Motors on Concord Street. I was disappointed to learn it is not for sale. A chat with a gentleman at South City yielded more information: the whale used to be a promotional vehicle for WAYL, the twin cities “beautiful music station” which broadcasted from 1960 to 1988 (it’s now 93X). The South City Motors family rescued it from a junkyard in Newport, MN and restored it to its present glory. The support car underneath is an El Camino. The whale makes appearances at parades and events. You can friend the “Whale Car” on Facebook.

Red blazer and blue pickup krill.


This is in West St. Paul near the Post Office “annex.” Maybe you’ve seen it if you’ve been down there to pay some overdue postage.

Affordable Coffins

Two interesting new businesses have opened in my neighborhood. The first one is called “I Dream of Heels” and it sells – you guessed it – shoes with dizzyingly high heels. The interior is very sparse with one wall of shoes and a single rack of silky-looking clothes. It looks like the sort of boutique one might encounter in South Beach, except it is in a somewhat hodgepodge old building with an apartment over it. If you polled most women around here on St. Paul’s west side if they do dream of shoes they’re probably sensible shoes for walking their dogs. Recently the other storefront next door opened up with this coffin business. I wonder how the heel people feel about it. I am tempted to get a coffin for my living room, just as a reminder.

That’s Entertainment

This can be seen from 494 eastbound over the Wakota Bridge.¬†Gretchen Wilson’s face looks like a ghostly creepy skull. Perhaps a result of the cage fight?


Green Face #1


Rex Music


I saw this video while waiting in line for a license plate at Driver Vehicle Services.

Cookbook Find

Yard Sale, West St. Paul


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