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Beverage Caps

I certainly did not intend for this blog to languish for over a year without an update. I have been working on many new things; the problem is that I have too many experiments going at once and so all the projects are in states of incompletion. One of the things I have been wasting my time with is saving beverage caps (from orange juice cartons) because…well…it just seems like there is something that could be made with them. My husband (as well as some other friends) disagree. They think whatever could be made would end up looking junky. My first attempt at cap art was this wall piece for our friend Darin’s birthday last June. I found the plastic “D” at a new antique store in our neighborhood. I think it looks OK  – and it used up 70 caps!


Imagine my delight when our family saw this display by Artists for Humanity at Logan Airport. “Look! You CAN make something from these caps!” I rejoiced. My husband remains unconvinced.





Home Installation #4

The fourth in a series of “small installations” in our home. Also made by our four year old (at bath time.)

Home Installation #3

“LBJ Death Clock” is the title of this “small installation” in our home. It is frozen at the time of LBJ’s death, 4:33 P.M.

Home Installation #2

Our four year old created this in the basement. This is the second in a series of small installations in our home.

Home Installation #1

The first in a series of “small installations” in our home.

Neglected Blog, Full Studio

This blog has been neglected because I have been filling my studio with paintings for a fall show.

Picture Window

Photo by Wilson Webb


This is the first painting I’ve finished in over fourteen months. It’s 48 X 72.

The Studio Today

The studio today

K-Mart Gulls


The Plan: Make a model K-Mart on Robert Street out of food purchased at the K-Mart, then make a video of the parking lot gulls consuming the model.

Attempt #1: Unsuccessful in that the gulls would not touch the structure itself (made mostly of Twinkies), even after about an hour of open buffet time. This would certainly not have been a problem had this project taken place in Massachusetts. New Bedford gulls would have attacked even before we could safely move away from the food.

Attempt #2: Model plan was shelved in favor of a less threatening 2D rendering of the K-Mart made of graham crackers and bread. No assistant (husband) was available on this day; by the time the dinner bell rang the flock of about thirty gulls had dwindled down to just three semi-interested characters. Then a bearded man emerged from the K-Mart with some kind of food (Funions?) and began to feed them at his end of the parking lot. My gulls left to check out his vittles which, by the way, they were also disinterested in.

Attempt #3: The third and final attempt produced acceptable results, except that there was an equipment failure at a crucial juncture. The camera I use (a still with HD video) has a pre-set twelve minute limit on video. This was discovered in time and corrected but about two minutes of feeding were missed.

How did it turn out? Check back in a couple weeks to see the final video.

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