Mall Map Project

Mall Map #10 – Southdale Mall, 2012

Drawing by Andrew, age 8. One of my favorites – and it’s just how this place really looks.


Mall Map #8 – “A Dream Mall”

Mall Map #7 – Very Dramatic

This map, by Mark, is one of my favorite maps collected at the MIA. The setting is the now-demolished Brookdale Mall. This map has crime (“where I was caught stealing a Hacky Sack on my 12th birthday”), severe weather (see footnote #2), and free cheese. Click on image a couple times to enlarge it.

Mall Map #6

Elisa chose to draw a plan for a giant fish-shaped mall on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. Click on the image to see it larger.

Mall Map #5

Sheila cannot remember (or chooses not to show us) anything from her teen mall experience except Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips. Click to enlarge.

Mall Map #4

One of the most poetic and melancholy submissions from the Mall Map project at the MIA. By Allen.


Mall Maps #2 and #3

This is the River Hills Mall in Mankato as mapped by a man (above) and a woman (below). If you want to know where the dumpsters are, ask the guy! If you want to know exactly what are sold in all those kiosks, ask the gal. Click to enlarge.


More Mall Maps

I was invited to do a project at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for December’s “Third Thursday” event. Since shopping season is upon us I decided to ask visitors to make some “mall maps.” Most of us have some portion of our brain devoted to retail layout. Some of us may feel that this information clutters our minds; for others these little diagrams help to recall pleasurable memories. For me they are a little of both. The following blog entries are devoted to the drawings made by the accommodating visitors who stopped by my kiosk last week. Thanks go out to Amanda and Carol at the MIA.

Ridgedale Mall “Racoon Lot” by Pam Valfer.

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