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Bachelor Farm

“Bachelor Farm” is the name of my friend D’s home in South St. Paul. It’s a workshop, music studio, garden, classic car garage, and a retreat for artful loafing. When our mutual friend J visits from North Carolina the two bachelors spend time on a variety of construction and recreational projects (which may or may not involve sling shots and tomatoes.) Their most recent collaboration was the transformation of an old tin shed into a Bachelor Farm banner of sorts. The letters were snipped and and fastened to a wire to create a sign worthy of mass distribution on Pinterest. A hand was also sliced in the process, though thankfully stitches were not required.┬áThere’s a casual order at Bachelor Farm, as though its owner has paid attention to the arrangement of things, but not so carefully as to get stressed out about it. Unlike the the domestic inadequacy that flipping through Better Homes and Gardens might beget, the Bachelor Farm reassures that a very small amount of money and whatever time you are inclined to spend will improve your surroundings.


Green Face #1


Totem Pole

Note that the sign’s creator wiped out the “s” from “totem poles” as there was just one for sale at this point. Now there are none for sale as my husband bought this one. Grand Rapids, MI.

Picture Window

Photo by Wilson Webb


Picture Window – Kittery, Maine

Neighborhood Snowmen


West St. Paul Gnome


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