1964 World’s Fair Model

This wonderful model of the 1964 World’s Fair in Queens, NY can be found on an elevator in the Queens Museum of Art. The last close-up shows the flag for the Minnesota pavilion. I just finished reading an article by Adam Hjorthen in the current issue of Minnesota History magazine regarding the Minnesota pavilion’s lackluster debut. Unfortunately the article is not on line but here is a quote: “…the quality of the pavilion’s exhibits was harshly criticized, in particular by the Twin Cities press. The Minneapolis Tribune headlined its front page on June 4, 1964, ‘Fair Pavilion Embarasses Minnesotans,’ and went on to describe the exhibit as ‘inadequate, inappropriate, chaotic, cheap, filthy, and…embarrassing.’” Hjorthen’s article details the subsequent efforts made to spruce up the place with the Kensington Runestone and some questionable interpretation of history. Anyway, I wish this model were in my home.


Birdwatching at JFK

Terminal Three is also a home for birds who subsist on the crumbs dropped by travelers. The restaurants here have spikes on the roof to discourage nests. Walking in an adjacent terminal I was almost hit in the head by a giant pigeon.

T3 at JFK

Terminal Three’s days are numbered. This was the Pan Am “Worldport” Terminal, built in 1960. The Beatles gave their first US press conference here in 1964. Note the unique water collection system for the leaky roof. The tarp has a drainage hose attached to it.

Cameron, WI

Concord Squares

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