Zebra Cat Zebra is my bi-monthly mail order zine. The name was inspired by the last three letters of Swiszcz: 'Z' as in zebra, 'C' as in cat, 'Z' as in zebra. My comics are about childhood memories, the neighborhood, and other small observations. A subscription makes a great gift that will brighten the mailbox of your recipient all year. Content is appropriate for all ages.

  • Subscriptions include 6 issues starting in February 2019

  • Sign up any time - I’ll send any issues you've missed along with your first pack.

  • $24.00 ($25.68 for MN residents includes tax)

  • Zine size for 2019 is 5 x 4.5 inches

  • Storage box included

  • Expect occasional surprises: a sticker, postcard, envelope art, bonus zines by guest artists.

  • Back issues available in limited supplies, please inquire

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