Q. What is Zebra Cat Zebra?

A. Zebra Cat Zebra is a mail subscription service for my little books. Each month a brand-new zine will be lovingly written, illustrated, folded and sent directly to you.

Q. Why a mail subscription service?

A. I think these books are most appealing when they are printed and held - when they arrive as a surprise in the mail - rather than viewed online. 

Q. What else will I get with my subscription?

A. There will be an additional little something in each month’s envelope - maybe a postcard, sticker, or a bonus zine by a guest artist. You’ll also get a slipcover for storage. 

Q. How much is it, and how can I pay?

A. Zebra Cat Zebra is $24 (+ $1.68 sales tax for MN residents) for a 12-month subscription for US addresses. You can use PayPal, or simply send me funds in the mail. I'll send you and invite or mailing instructions via email after you fill out the form below. If you're interested in an international subscription, I'll provide a quote. 

Q. Can I sign up anytime?

A. Yes. Currently (as of October 1, 2017), your subscription will start with the October issue and your first mailing will include the little storage box. I will make "back issues" available soon for an additional fee.

Q. Does this make a great gift?

A. Yes! If you buy a gift subscription I will enclose a card that explains the project and lets your recipient know it's from you.

Q. Why the name "Zebra Cat Zebra?"

A. It’s the last three letters of Swiszcz. When spelling our name to someone on the other end of a phone line my Dad would always say, “Z as in zebra, C as in cat, Z as in Zebra.”


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